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Weird but True

Weird but True!
by National Geographic Kids

My son's most recent writing assignment is to prepare a non-fiction piece about science.  He has to select some type of cause and effect relationship and explain it.  He happens to love science, so this task is right up his alley.  He wanted to pick something outrageous, and the series Weird but True!, published by National Geographic Kids, was just the place to get started.

These are a series of books that address the strangeness of our world.  You can find the generally outrageous in Weird but True! 1-4.  If your reader has specific interests, the series includes topics such as weather, the human body, food, animal homes and space.  The list is pretty inclusive, so just search your favorite book store for "weird but true" for the complete list.

I have even used these books successfully with my book clubs.  I have the kids pick the titles within the series that interest them most and bring 5 new facts to the group.  On one occasion I suggested they include made up facts in the presentation.  It was then up to us to try to guess which one wasn't true.  You have never seen a group of kids laugh harder in their lives.  What is the craziest fact you have ever learned?

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