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Story anyone?

I love to read.  But above all, I love a good story. This love of story helped me understand my sons love of the audio book. His first foray into the medium was with the Bunnicula stories by  Deborah and James Howe.  We checked the compact discs out from the library so many times that I finally surrendered and bought him a set.  My favorite thing about his practice is that he distinguishes how he accessed a story with the words "read" or "heard." I have to admit, I was a bit taken back the first time I heard him say, Oh, I've heard that book."

I, too, have adopted the practice. I find that it helps me maximize time. Thanks to my local library's collection of audio books, now available through download, and places like Audible, I can take a story with me when I am on the move.  It's especially great for my morning walks! 

But why mention this all now?  Well, many publishers are raising the stakes in the audio game.  Hiring well known actors, foley artists and full scale production artists to make the reading of the book an event.  Check out this link to Puffin Books to see what I mean.  The elaborate production reminds me of the old radio shows and there is nothing I like better than a good shot of nostalgia. 

I guess it finally all comes down to preference.  Listen or read?  Book or tablet? Curled up on the couch or on the move. In my perfect world I'd take a book on a beautiful day out on my screen porch.  But to the tell the truth, I'll take a good story any way I can get it.