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About Me

As a crazy reader who is the mother of a crazy reader, I am always finding great books for kids to read.  After I finish the latest young adult novel or most recently published piece of children’s lit, I am dying to find a child to read it, too and tell me what it means to them.  My son is often an agreeable participant, but he really enjoys fantasy and nonfiction, so there are so many books I cannot persuade him to try.  So I started book clubs.  They are a ball.  And the best part is that the kids introduce me to great books as well.  But my reading habit is seemingly insatiable, and so I am looking for more kids to read more books and let me know what they are thinking and how the books make them feel. 
I am also on the lookout for the parents who would love their kids to be reading more, but aren’t all that interested in reading “kids” books themselves.  I am doing the reading anyway, I keep thinking, why not let all the other parents know just how many fantastic books there are out there. So I will read, let you know about the fantastic book, and let you pick books from the lists that will keep your kids playing by reading.

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