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Captain Awesome to the Rescue!

Captain Awesome to the Rescue
by Stan Kirby
illustrated by George O'Connor

I am still looking for funny reads for my nephew.  He is new to the chapter book world.  Because so much has been published since I had a new reader, I went mining for books today.  When I have to search for the next great book, my first stop is the library.  In this case, I headed straight for the new juvenile fiction shelf.  Standing in front of the book case, I let my eyes be the judge.  What would appeal to a young boy?  I grab a few of the best looking books and head to a table.  Taking a seat, I turn to the inside book jacket and read about the story.  If I like what I read, I put the book in the take home stack.  Completing the review of my quick picks, I pick up the keeper stack and make my way to the self check out.  I love self check out!  

This lovely little book found its way home with me. The language is smooth and the illustrations captivating.  Eugene, the main character, has the imagination that I hope every child still possesses.  A lover of Super Dude, a comic book hero, Eugene believes he, too, has super powers.  His secret identity, Captain Awesome, has many challenges in this first book in the series.  They range from facing down the enemy, Queen Stinkypants, to fretting over the plight of a young superhero who has misplaced his cape in a recent move. 

I loved this little fellow, with his everyday problems and his big glasses.  Let me know what you and your reader think.

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