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Inferno By Dan Brown

by Dan Brown

I usually grab the images for my book recommendations from  Barnes and Noble.  I have a process:  see how the blog is doing, open a new post, type in the title and insert the image URL copied from  I just did my search for Inferno over at Barnes and Noble, and Dan Brown's novel is the first to populate the search, but it isn't the only one...

Next to the image of the novel I was looking for, there are a few steamy romance novels,some science fiction books and at number 10, Dante Alighiere's original.  I must admit that this doesn't really surprise me. The classics aren't always on the top of contemporary reading lists.  I have to admit that I have never read it myself.

I have, however, read and listened to Dan Brown's novel that uses the Dante original as a backdrop to his latest suspense thriller.  I have read many of Brown's novels and must say that he is a master of place.  I have never been to Italy, but through his pages I truly get a sense of its antiquity and majesty.  Italy's backdrop of art, history and architecture creates a perfect setting for this thriller.  Much like Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code, the mysteries of the novel unfold because of Robert Langdon, the book's main character's, knowledge of code and symbol.

I have challenged my 8th grade book club to read this novel because I am tired of hearing from this group that the story is boring.  They may have many things to say about this novel, but boring isn't one of them.  I am hoping they will go on this ride with Robert and help prevent what might be the next world wide disaster. If it goes well, I hope to share a few of their thoughts with you.

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