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The Companions Quarter Series
by Julia Golding

We have spent the better part of the evening creating a minotaur mask and it has inspired my son to write a recommendation for the blog...

The one thing I found interesting about the series it that it is part of a genre called "eco-fantasy."  I had never heard of it before, but I can tell it is a great genre.  To my surprise these four novels include a dense plot line.

Each of the novels has creature from mythology, but the stories are original.   There are three primary characters, Cole, Coney and Coney's Aunt Evelyn.  By the end of the series, I considered Coney a friend.  It probably won't surprise you to find that she had magical qualities.  Each novel has its own adventure, but common characters.

The qualities each of the characters possess, help  them defeat the threats present in their worlds.  The pace it fast and the language smooth.  I think any young reader would love it.

Recommendation contributed by an enthusiastic 12 year old reader.

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