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What a Character!

Throne of Fire
by Rick Riordan

Rangers Apprentice 
by John Flanagan 

March book clubs began today.  Right now we are all reading whatever book we choose and talking about different parts of the book.  For the most part, when you talk with a youngster about a book they stick to the plot.  First the boy did this and then and then and then, etc.  I have to admit it can make for some rather dry discussions.  So, March is dedicated to character.  Today, I started the conversation by asking, "What character would you like to be friends with?"  At first the children thought they should choose the main character.  I assured them I often found characters other than the protagonist to be more intriguing   For instance, the people in the Harry Potter series I would want to be friends with are Mrs. Weasley, Professor Lupin and Sirus Black.  

To help get the conversation moving along, I asked them who they would want to hang out with at Hogwarts.  Most of the kids said either Ron, Harry or Hermione, but two of my best readers surprised me.  Max said, "Voldemort, I wish he could be my professor at Hogwarts and I would try to turn him around."  James said, "Dumbledore and Hagrid."  When I asked James why, he said Dumbledore would be able to teach him anything that he wanted to learn and that Hagrid was loyal and kind.  Amazing!

With this wisdom in our mist, we moved onto the books the kids read this month.  Max is reading Throne of Fire and said he would be friends with Carter. When pressed for a reason why he said, "Carter is crazy adventurous and he sees the world differently than everyone else, since he is the son of a god.  It would be cool to compare notes."  James is reading one of the Ranger's Apprentice novels and would befriend Will, the main character of the series, if he had the chance.  Will is a small, careful and smart young man, not unlike James himself.  James said he would want to be friends with Will because of "the things we have in common and because of the ways we are different.  I like the way he is always sneaking around."

You might want to try finding out what fictional characters would be in your readers gang.  I am sure you will be surprised by who.  And if not, you will not believe why.

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