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Second Hand Books

Second Hand Books
a few thoughts...

The book I have chosen to listen to this week is rather long, and though I have listened during every spare moment, I have yet to come to the end.  Next week, I will be able to comment on it. So far, it is a wonderful story, so check in next week for a full review.

In the mean time, I thought I would say a word or two about used books.  Honestly, what could be better?  This past weekend my family and I went to CALS, our library's used book sale, and we found a few gems.  My husband headed straight to the "literature" section, having a renewed interest in reading the classics.  He found a few to bring home:  A Separate Peace, Babbit, Scarlet Letter, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Return of the Native, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Pearl.  My son went in search of hardback books by Michael Shaara and Brian Jacques. I headed straight to the old books.

In the shelves, I found three gems.  I collect early readers, and I found two in beautiful condition.  I also found a 1941 book of snakes for my son, the want-to-be herpetologist.  All of the drawings in the books are wonderful, none of the books smell of mold, and the book of snakes has 87 color plates in the back.

I had to go looking for my son once I was ready to leave. I found him sitting on the floor with his nose in an old book about planes. He has long been interested in bio-mimicry.  Maybe with these two books in his arsenal he will create a mechanical flying snake.  Anything is possible.

All kinds of organizations host used book sales.  Schools and libraries are typical benefactors.  In my area, you can also always visit Goodwill and Savers to scan used books.  Finally, you can check for local flea markets, used book stores and the internet.

When we got home from buying our box full of books, I took the opportunity to go through my own shelves and cull out unneeded titles.  I was able to refill the box I brought home and make a donation to my library.  In six months, my donated books will find themselves on the "for sale" shelves at the CALS used book sale.  What a wonderful cycle!

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